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Tips for Success in Fall 2020 Blended Classes

What is a blended class?

In response to COVID-19 the university wanted to ensure safety while also allowing the personal touch that comes with face-to-face classes. A blended class has a mixture of in-person and online attendance. Often it means students rotate between attending in-person and online. In other cases, some students attend entirely online while others attend mainly in-person.

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How do I know the attendance expectations of each of my classes?

There are two things to check: 1.) How the class is listed, and 2.) for blended courses, how your instructor has decided to schedule attendance.

Here’s how to check if your class is a blended course.
  1. Log into Porches.
  2. On the Front Porch under “Course Registration,” click on “View Your Schedule.”
  3. The “Subject Description” column provides the format – blended, face-to-face, web – for the class. The WEB or Remote designation indicates it’s an online-only course.
    Blended column subject description
If your course is a Blended course...
  1. Check for communications from your instructor.
  2. Look for an attendance schedule in the syllabus or elsewhere in Isidore.
  3. If you are unable to find blended scheduling information, email your instructor and request information on how you should attend.

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What if I’m attending online

Whether you are attending the blended course entirely online or just sometimes online. We have provided a collection of tips to help you succeed as an online student.

Tips for Success in Online Classes

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I’m having trouble with Zoom. Who can help me?

Zoom is the online meeting tool that allows remote attendees to participate in class. The university IT Service Center is staffed and ready to help you with any issue you have with Zoom.

University of Dayton IT Service Center

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Learning Resources

This page can help you to build a foundation for successful remote learning.
Online Learning Resources

The Office of Learning Resources will provide remote access to all services while students are learning remotely.
Learning Support

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