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Clarifying Finals Week Guidelines for Undergraduate Courses

This information, originally sent as an email by the Office of the Provost on April 21st, was created to bring together and clarify the recommendations of the Office of the Provost and the Office of Learning Resources.

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Best Practices and Advice for Online Learning Assessment

The COVID-19 crisis is not only going to disrupt the delivery of course content, but also the way student learning is assessed. Learning assessments will need to take place online and they will not be proctored - which could result in significant impacts on academic integrity.

Building high-quality online courses would take these factors into account from the very earliest stages in planning the overall design of the course. Given the crunch time in moving courses online because of COVID-19, we ask instructors to do their very best to balance the learning needs of students by providing formative feedback and to fairly judge their overall performance while minimizing academic dishonesty.

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Accommodated Online Testing Guidelines

It is the faculty member’s responsibility to continue to provide accommodations for students who have shared (or will share) an Accommodation Letter. OLR Disability Services staff will be happy to consult (online or by phone) regarding questions about how to do this and will continue to share ideas. Email with questions or to set up an appointment.

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Ways to Reduce Cheating with Online Assessments in Isidore

The following options can help you reduce the opportunities and temptations to cheat in the Isidore Tests & Quizzes tool.

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